Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Son PC Case

My son has just transferred all his computer parts to his new PC case and wanted to show it to my friends!!!

Brisbane City

These pictures shows Santa's helpers. They are so beautifully display at a big department store called "Myers". Each christmas, it is a tradition for the Myers store to display their creative toys for the local to see. I really enjoy watching these toys and am happy to show everyone in my blog.

During the holiday season, my family decided to visit the heart of Brisbane. Although the weather was not so good, we did have a lovely time. These pictures were taken in the main mall of the city. There were heaps of shops to browse. We really enjoyed ourselves that day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Lights

When driving the other night with my hubby, I took some photos of these beautiful christmas lights decoration in my neighbourhood. Thought I would blog it for everyone to see.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My Feathered Friends

This morning I was doing my laundry as usual. My feathered friends decided to call around. This particular one below is very tame and he likes to tap at my laundry door and wait patiently for me to feed him with some bread. I usually pretended to ignore him and do my laundry however he would sit and wait for his meal.

He looks so cute when I decided to take a picture of him. Although he is still a young bird, he really knows how to pose for his picture.

In this picture, it looks like he must be deciding whether he should eat these bread now or maybe saving it for later!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Country View

Hi, I thought I might show you my satellite dish in my backyard, I can received free to air dramas overseas such as China, Taiwan, India and even locally in Australia. The picture below is my front lawn with bouganvilla bushes at the sides.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So Cute

My sister in Penang send me this Santa photo and I thought it's just so sweet! I would like to wish all my blog friends a "Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year" from Aussie Ah Chee.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Australian Wildlife

Showing you some of the Australian Wildlife found in my backyard.

Bandicoot, a native animal of Aust. Has a face like a mouse but is as big as a small rabbit. They are endanger spieces and only comes out at night to look for food.

Bush Turkey, Aust native bird. Have them in my backyard. Local here don't like them much because they can be a nuisance but I like them. They look pretty.

These lizard are called "Dragon". They are timid and loves sun bathing on the rocks. They look cute when they raise their heads up thinking no one can see them!

Wild rabbits. They are everywhere in the open land. I loves to watch them chasing each other. Don't like them much when they dig my garden bed for food.

Kangaroo or Wallabies (smaller version). My place have wallabies. They are everywhere. Sometimes sit and rest outside my windows. Loves to watch them in my lounge room.

Wren, native bird of Aust. Very pretty and small. My area is well known for these birds. I have a door frame with its picture.

Parrots, another native bird, Aust have lots muti-coloured wild birds. This one is just beautiful. Sits in the tree outside my window most days.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


My View On Christmas

Talking to my brother, Hock was quite amusing and interesting when I was home in Penang a few weeks ago. Although we share the same belief in Christianity, I was very interested about how he found my special friend and hero (Jesus). He told me that they refer him as “Ya-shu”. I had to laugh because to me, after living overseas for so long, my hokkien has already gone rusty and sounded like “Ju-who” (meaning cuttlefish). No matter how they refer him, I am so happy to see the joy on my brother’s face.

It is not long now till Christmas. Everyone is just so busy doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Even the shops are decorated beautifully with lots of tinsels, lights and toys. Browsing through shop windows, I noticed lots of well decorated Christmas tree but found neither nativity scene nor even an angel on the tree. Children are even encouraged by parents to believe in Santa Claus, taking photos with him and accepting sweets as well. Can’t help but wondered has everything now become so commercialised. Christmas time can be a joyous event to some but also a very lonely time for the lost, the unloved and the destitute people whose families have forgotten about them. It is a time for cheering and wishing and also a time for crying and feeling incomplete and suicidal. So, my friend, how do you view your Christmas this year? If you ask people in the street today, how they described Christmas, they would say in one sentence, “Santa Claus, presents, food, drink with families and friends.” Anything, except the birth of a little boy called “Jesus”. So, what so important about this, may I ask? Let me tell you the real story of Christmas.

You see, many, many years ago, A loving father in heaven gave his little boy to be born in a dirty manger for you and me. His father knew we needed his help to connect with him, so he sends his son to prepare a plan for us. His son’s plan was to teach us wisdom, retained hope, peace and joy in the time of turbulences in our lives and also to redeem us from our sins so that we will not perish but have eternal lives with him. This loving father really wants us to belong to him and his family. Very comforting news to all who thinks no one understands or cares in this world! As Jesus, grew up, he experienced many life conflicts just like us such as rejection, abuses, mockery, insults, persecution, grief and so on. So that whenever, we pray today of our hurt and pain, he does understand our feelings. His ultimate selfless act of love, was to go to the cross and to complete his purpose for us. He had to do it because without his sinless blood, we cannot come close to his loving father as we are all full of sins. So you see, this boy cares so much for you and me that he is willing to lay down his life for us. Which God in this world ever display this kind of love for you and me, my friend?

Now that we understand the real meaning of Christmas, let us move our thoughts away from Santa Claus and believing that JESUS the reason of the season and it is CHRISTmas and not Clausmas !!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome everybody

My Forever Friend

Since I am a newcomer to this website, my sweet sister said that I can pen my thoughts and feeling in this blog to convey how I feel with life. My sister’s loving tribute to our mum on her blog, really brought tears to my eyes. I did recall back that day when our mum bid everyone farewell. All of us were holding on to her, not wanting to release her to go and yet we knew we had to after seeing how sick she was. My mother’s greatest wish was to see her children again and also she wanted all of us as siblings to be united greatly no matter where we were in parts of the world. I must say that over the years and since we are all living so far away, we are all too busy in lives. However, since my mum’s passing and through the sadness and sorrow, something beautiful did spring up from it. I, my sisters and my brother did come closer as we all are going through the same sadness.

Today is exactly a month since her passing. I still can’t believe that she has actually gone. Reality sink in when I realised I don’t have a parent anymore however, I thanks god for my Christian faith that I do have a loving father who sent his spirit to constantly watching over me. I am also glad that I have a faithful friend who promises that he will never leave me nor forsake me. One day while I was sad thinking of my mum, I asked him if he ever gone through grief and he replied “Yes, my child, I wept when my friend, Lazarus died.” And he comforted me by saying “Bless are those who mourned, for they are comforted”. His words and his promises are hope to my healing each day. If it wasn’t for him, I would be so lost and lonely, full of sadness and despair.

I truly believe that my mum did not die in vain because her wish did come true. Out of sorrow, a strong loving relationship is born binding all her children together through her spirit and love. That is how I will remember my mother from now, a woman of strength, courage and full of love for her children. I am sure mum is smiling from heaven knowing that we are all going to be fine. By the way, this special friend of mine is also my forever friend and he is called “Jesus”. One day I hope he can be your forever friend too.

Ps. Try him, he is good, does not argue and very kind to your sensitive feelings! And most of all “He loves You Unconditionally!”