Friday, February 20, 2009

Australia Bushfires

Each day the evening news has been updating the Victorian Bushfires in Australia. The whole tragic event started one Saturday two weeks ago. Many people lost their homes as well as family and friends. I was quite saddened to learn that the death toll had reached 209. Even Australian wildlife was also silent victims of the deadly fires. I knew most of these towns that was affected as I did visited them in the past. I still cannot believe that they are not there anymore! Most of the fire victims are still dazed and grieving over their loss.

Bushfires are very real in Australia. When I used to live in Melbourne, a few years ago, I remembered during the fire season, the sky was really red and the sun was glowing red. It was an eerie feeling, kind of like the end of the world. The reason why the death toll is so high this time was because the fire came so swiftly without any warning during the early hour of the morning and most people were asleep in their homes. Bushfires are caused by arsonist, strong wind and hot dry weather. At this tragic time, it is so good to see the sprit of the people of Australia come together to help the fire victims by donating food, clothing, shelter and even raising funds both local and overseas to help them to get them back on their feet. The true heroes here are the fire-fighters, polices and medical staffs. They worked tireless hours trying to get everything under control.

As I view this devastating event unfolded, I am so over-whelmed at the generosity of most Australian who opened their hearts and wallets to help the unfortunate victims of the bushfires. Even the flood victims in northern part of Queensland whilst being stranded in flood water, were not even deterred from donating all they have to help their fellow neighbours who lost everything to bushfire! This is truly a love story to tell on Valentine Day!