Saturday, November 28, 2009

Migraine Relief Using EFT

Being a migraine sufferer for so many years, I was truly desperate until one day, I spoke to a friend who is pain theraphist and he suggested that I should try EFT which means Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s like giving yourself acupuncture but without needles, it’s the technique of finding and tapping your pressure points. I wasn’t sure what to think so I watched the video on you tube, link is :

and after watching the video and reading the comments I was actually impressed so onward I went to research EFT for headaches and migraines on the internet to see what I could find for myself.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is just that, its emotional freedom. It’s positive, uplifting thinking and its self healing. Think about it, when you have a headache or migraine it is painful for sure but have you ever thought about how emotional it is also? It is a negative feeling and negative energy is bad for all of us. Let’s take a quick look at some EFT beliefs:

*Migraine and headaches are disruption of subtle energies circulating throughout your body.
*Migraines and headaches can also be triggered from emotional unresolved issues.

*EFT is designed to realign the body’s positive energy flow and address the cause of the disruption.

*When done correctly EFT will actually teach a person how to identify the disruption, correct the energy flow and to basically heal itself.

According to people who have studied this technique and many who have tried it, the pain relief will vanish for most people in a matter of seconds and for other people it greatly reduced the pain but did not feel complete relief. There have even been reports that some long time migraine sufferers using EFT have never had their migraines return! So, now let’s take a look at how and where to apply this tapping technique.

The EFT Technique in its basic form: There is an affirmation which should be said as you tap each pressure point. This should be said out loud as you tap each area:

“Even though I have this migraine, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Repeat this three times.

The Set up:
Rate your pain. On a scale from 0 to bad is it?

You will use two fingers together, tapping lightly, on an average of seven taps per point and don’t forget to say the affirmation at each point also.

Step one:

With the finger pads of your index and middle finger (dominant hand) begin tapping the fleshy part under the thumb of your other hand. Then you will continue tapping the following areas while saying you affirmation:

*Inside end of your eyebrow

*Outside corner of your eye, right on that bone

*Under the center of the eye*Between the nose and the upper lip

*Just below the collar bone

*Crown of the head

*Under the arm.

After you are done rate your pain again and see where you are. You can do this as many times as needed until the pain is reduced or gone completely.

EFT is great for people who have tried everything else and still deal with migraines regularly, also great for those who would like a natural approach to pain relief. I am definitely going to try this technique when I experience my next migraine. EFT is also for more than just headaches, it’s being used to deal with anger issues, addictions, phobias, and anxieties. There are no side effects so it’s safe to try. Please remember this is not meant to be a cure all, or to replace your doctor, but give a try and see what the Emotional Freedom Technique can do for you.


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